I am a new user of node red, i need help


i am using Ri3 with a ble dongle to receive connections from the peripherals.


i have tested my dongle using nrf connect to send data and my computer's terminal to receive the data and send back the response, worked fine.
i used UART port from Pi3 to test the control of the device, worked fine as well.
now i connect the dongle to the device and want to send data via BLE to control it, and i am stacked


I suspect the problem is that you are sending an ascii string (of hex characters). Have you tried just setting the payload to the raw buffer data?

msg.payload = new Buffer([0x006, 0x004, 0x80, 0x000, 0x001, 0x83]);
return msg;

Of course, if you just want to send a test buffer the inject node can do that more easily than writing javascript code in a function node...


hello zenofmud!
I need your help on node-red.


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