I can't have different font sizes

Whenever i go to the ui_text node and write
<font size =15>some text</font> it doesn't matter the size i put, it is always 35. Probably because of some other ui_text. What can i do ("can't share flow since it's for the company I work")

where are you putting the <font size =15>some text</font>? In the value format?

Have you use a web inspector tool in your browser to see what is happening?

Have you tried using the ui_template to pass in some CSS?

BTY, the tag is not supported in HTML5 you shoud use CSS instead. Try this

<p style="font-size=15px">some text</p>

Define font size with some unit. px or em or ....

i'm puting it in the value, where the {{msg.payload}} goes. I have tried using a web inspector but it didn't help me much...
I have tried ui_template with some CSS the problem with that, is that i can't make the numbers big while the units are small, or can i?
i've tried with <p style></p>, no can do.

didn't work.

That paragraph has class "value" Identify from where it comes , override or add your custom class for elements you can control.
Hard to do css without seeing whole thing.

Gon try that tomorrow, Thanks!

The easiest thing is to use a code inspector to look at the item you want. In this example I'm using Safari and have selected the 'some text' causing the below output. Scanning it's parents, you will see id="Home_Group_2_cards" which can be used to uniquely identify this section of HTML.

Then add a ui-template node and set the Template type to `Added to site section and add in the CSS you want. Here is an example where I set the font-size to 48px
![Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 1.50.35 PM|502x365]
and here is the result:

That worked. I created a "mystyle" class and then changed the class of text i wanted with mystyle and then to test it out i also made a second mystyle class the "mystyle2" and then set like this

<font class="mystyle">some text 1</font>```
<font class="mystyle2">some text 2</font>

this is how it went:


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