I Can't Install Alibabacloud

Not Appear in Nodes Panel

Hi @ztmaung, welcome to the forum.

What module are you trying to install?

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Thank you , for your reply.
i want to use alibabacloud on my docker.

Please reupload the image.

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Like it.

Are you saying node-red-contrib-alibabacloud doesn't appear in the "install" tab? Or that you have installed it but does not appear in the pallette (on the left hand side of node-red editor)


yes bro. i installed. but does not appear in the pallette.

Could you try this & see if it is available...

First hard refresh your browser CTRL+F5

Hold CTRL and click in the editor whitespace (to show the add node popup) then type ali or cloud to filter the node list - do you see it in there?

Also, could you check Devtools (F12) console - are there any errors?


There seems to be an issue with the node, i just installed the node, and sure enough the nodes aren't appearing.

Please create an ISSUE on their GitHub repository.

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Yayyyyyy. Got It.
Thank you So much , my bros.

Created an issue on the repo.

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