MySQL node not available

I am needing to add node-red-node-MySQL but it is not showing up in the list of nodes under manage palette.
Any suggestions?

It is certainly available in the catalog -

Are you looking on the 'nodes' tab (which is what you have already got installed) rather than the 'install' tab?

Oh good grief!

I opened the install tab saw it was empty and moved on. Didn't realize you had to input something into the filter to get results.

Okay, I'll willing put the dunce cap on and head to the nearest corner.

Thanks for not assuming I knew what I was doing and pointing out what should have been obvious!

No worries. The fact I suspected that was the issue is more a reflection on how intuitive (or not) the UI is, rather than what cap you may be wearing :slight_smile:

You are not the only one to have been confused by that tab, I think the natural assumption is that it shows all until filtered, but it works the other way around.

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