Node no longer appearing in the palette manager or Node-RED catalog



Our node (node-red-contrib-nucleus-core) stopped appearing in the Node-RED palette manager and the Node-RED catalog earlier this week. The node has been available in the catalog since it was last published 2 months ago, but disappeared about 3 days ago (exact commit).

What I've already checked:

Has anyone else experienced this issue or have any pointers on what to check next? Thanks!


Followed this post in the forum (New node didn't show up on this site), to this issue with the npm registry (

From the result of, it is currently showing 2016 matches, and the last run of the catalog has exactly 1800 (commit bb4748c46719f7c26e22972d08d4843ee64fc813)

Is there possibly a limit/cap to the paging Node-RED does through the npm results?


It appears your node did not appear in the npm search results for the node-red keyword at 9.16pm GMT on Jan 5th. At which point the flow library removed it as an unpublished node.

It hasn't been added back because the flow library thinks it has already handled that version of the module.

I'll give it a poke later this evening to bring it back and review, yet again, how we can be more forgiving of npm failures.

As for the module count... Not all modules published with the node-red keyword pass the most basic quality checks the flow library applies. For example, no README.


Now restored to the flow library.