Node-Red Library - new version not available in palette

Yesterday I created a new release 5.2.5 of my custom node node-red-contrib-sonos-plus.
It shows up in github, npm and also Node-RED library.

But it does NOT show up in the palette of my installations in Docker/ and Home Assisstant.

Are there any issues with node-red library?

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It isn't showing up in a normal node-red install either.

Does anyone can give advice how to solve that and make the new version available in the node-red palette?

A npm outdated also lists the new version 5.2.5 - so it seems to be inside Node-RED.

Seems the catalogue.json did not get updated since 2 days.

Should be fixed now - the workflow was diabled but re-enabled. Update should be available soon. THX @knolleary

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Comfirmed: works!

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