Question about publishing nodes for install on node red through the palette manager

So I was fixing an issue with node-red-contrib-life360 (they changed their API slightly). In handling the user reports, a user seemed to have an old version that was installed through the palette. I'd assumed they had made some sort of mistake in their node-red and/or node install, but in creating my new release this evening, I checked the install tab in the palette manager and I noted that the version listed there was the very first version (1.0.0). This today was my fourth release (1.1.1).

I googled and checked my node on and saw that it had version 1.0.0 as the latest version. I had assumed that publishing to npm would be sufficient and that node-red would detect them automatically.

Then I discovered that there's a "check for updates" button on node-red-contrib-life360 (node) - Node-RED

I clicked that and it now says the latest version is 1.1.1. It took perhaps 5 minutes, but now the latest version can be seen in the palette manager.

Is this part of the regular process that I need to remember to do to make sure the palette manager is up to date or is there something weird going on?

Yes. Correct. :slight_smile:

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