Why doesn't an update button appear in the palette manager for some nodes that have available npm updates?

I'm sure this is a dumb question, but I was trying to deal with errors in the log WRT node node-red-contrib-homebridge-automation. The palette manager showed I was on version 0.79 and there was no update button. It said the version was 11 months old. I looked it up on npm and its current version there was 0.85, and the notes suggested it might contain a fix for what I was seeing in the logs. And there have been updates through April '21.

I thought that if there was an update published in npm, it would appear in the palette manager. So why wasn't there an update button for that node?

I am on an old version of node-red (1.0.2). Is this an issue that has been fixed?


Node-red installs the version that is present in the node catalogue here : node-red-contrib-homebridge-automation (node) - Node-RED

If the developer updates npm they also need to update the flows library.

I will request a refresh - check again in a short while.

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