Node not updated in palette manager

yesterday morning I updated my node node-red-contrib-blynk-ws but today I still don't see it updated in the palette manager and not even in why? how often are they updated?

Of course the package is updated on npm registry:


go to the nodes page in

Log in via github, a link appears to request refresh or words such as that.
Click on the link…

Also asked and answered yesterday where you can find the full answer

It does look like the npm search index is out of sync, so we don't see the updates come through.

Thank you @ukmoose !

But then in the future for the next updates I always have to do the hand refresh request?

See @knolleary comment. The flows site is reliant on the npm search index which if it gets out of sync doesn’t advertise the update for the flows site to get.

So if an update hasn’t appeared after 4-5 hours there’s the manual option to force an update.

What if, I have refreshed my node in flows, there is new version visible on the website, but in Node red palette no update button appears? When the palette gets refreshed?

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It's now refreshed, after half an hour. :wink:

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