How/when does a 'merged commit' show as a update to a palette

I have installed a palette ( brookesdjb / **[node-red-contrib-myenergi]

The author has 'merged a commit' to it (no idea how that works or what it means). This palette should now have some extra nodes. The author told me this: I just published the changes to NPM, so you should be able to update the package (I think you can do that though node-red) and then it will appear

This is about a day ago, but my palette does not show any updates in the manage palette. Do I have to be more patient, or do I need to uninstall then reinstall the palette ?

Hi @Mikee1234K

If they have published an update to npm, they also needed to update the module on the flow library in order for it to appear within Node-RED.

I've just done that for them - so version 1.0.5 is now available in the flow library.

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Brilliant, thank you. Its not showing as a update yet, i'll try later today or tomorrow

Refresh the browser page and it should show the update.

Alternatively you can go into your .node-red directory and run
npm update node-red-contrib-myenergi
then restart node-red and refresh the browser page.

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That worked, got it !

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