How long from publishing new module version to it showing up in palette manager?

This was discussed here already, with the answer that the palette mgr updates every 30 minutes.

Over the last week or so I've however regularly seen update times of many hours, and now with the latest version of my @ptarmiganlabs/ctrl-q-nr module it's been over two days since 0.1.1 was published, but it still doesn't show in the palette manager.
I've restarted node-red, reloaded the browser, tried on four different computers/browsers, nothing.

Latest version is now 0.1.3: ctrl-q-nr (node) - Node-RED


Since April 2020 the flow library doesn't automatically refresh. A refresh has to be requested.

Ah - but there was a genuine issue blocking the catalogue refresh. Have poked it - normal service should be restored.

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Yeah I had done the manual step to request updates for the new module version (that's not a bad thing btw, makes you double check things before requesting an update).

...and your poke seems to have done the trick.

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