When do new modules show up in palette manager?

I have found questions about when new versions of a module appear in the palette manager but I did not find anything about brand new modules.

So when one adds a brand new module, how long does it take for the module to appear in the palette manager's search results? The module in question is node-red-node-wot (node) - Node-RED and it doesn't show up in my palette manager after 30 minutes. I have tried restarting and updating node-red and nothing has changed.

Edit: I am also seeing that palette manager shows 4764 modules available whereas the flows library has 4767 available modules so there is some discrepency.

Hi @egekorkan

In general, its the same answer; any updates in the flow library whether its updating an existing version or adding a new one, should appear in the Palette Manager catalogue within 30 minutes.

Looking at the logs, I can see the catalog generation appeared to have skipped a couple runs and went 2 hours without updating - but has since run.


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Ok thank you very much for the quick answer. This explains the behavior and now it is on the palette manager. The topic is resolved from my point of view.

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