How long can it take for a node to show up as an installable package in the palette?

I just published an un-scoped npm package. I don't see it int he palette yet. I thought I recall my scoped version showing up immediately, but maybe I'm not remembering correctly. How long can it take for the palette install tab to show a newly published npm package?

Just trying to determine if I did something wrong or whether I just have to wait...

Has it been updated in the flows library?

I don't know the answer to that.

There is no automatic scanning for nodes any more - that was stopped a few months ago.

You need to submit it manually -

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Great. So after submitting it manually, how long can it take for it to show up in the palette?

I can see it already

Now I see it! Yay!

The task that regenerates the catalog loaded by the Palette Manager runs every 30 minutes.

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