I have problem with ui template when i switch tab menu

if i switch to an another tab and come back to the initial tab i lost content in template
i observe if i reload the page from the browser it fix the problem

so my need isto find a way by flow to reload the dashboard. i have found several topic on this subject but i don't succed to understand due to missing shared flow

is there a simple way to do it

in fact i have seen solution with Ui control node but my ui control node report only a string and not a msg object with information payload tab name socketid socketip
is there an evolution for this ? i m using the node-red-dashboard 3.2.0 and node-red

Welcome to the forum @bertaudnicolas

Feed the ui_control node into an Debug node which is configured to Output Complete Message. See what it shows in the debug pane. Post a screenshot if you don't see what is described in the node's help text.

Hello and thank you. you are my saviour. I had it in my head that the problem came from the UI control node and I did not think that the problem could be the debug. what a rookie mistake!

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