Refresh Dashboard URL

when click on the menu, how to refresh the tab (url page) before displaying?


ui-control node

but how to linked ui_control with dashboard tab ?

When any browser client connects or loses connection, or changes tab, this node will emit a msg containing:

payload - connect, lost, or change.
socketid - the ID of the socket (this will change every time the browser reloads the page).
socketip - the ip address from where the connection originated.
tab - the number of the tab. (Only for 'change' event).
name - the name of the tab. (Only for 'change' event).

I wish every time when the client clic on the menu tab the page will be refreshed

Why don't you read ?

Which page do you want refreshed?

the menu tab(red circle)

So when you click that entry in the menu and it goes to that tab you want to refresh it?
If so then as @bakman2 has said you can use the ui-control to tell you that the tab has been opened so you can do whatever you need to do to send it the necessary data.

i do that but it's not worked

What has not worked?

What have you tried?

I didn't know how to refresh the page (url) when I pressed the button, so each click of the button of the side menu it gives the refresh of the page

So @bakman2 kindly showed you how to detect when the click occurs, and the ui-control info panel on the right hand side explains how to refresh a page. so which bit don't you know how to do?

What content do you have in the dashboard, is this an external url ? If it contains data that is generated by node-red you don't need to refresh.