Refresh page button

I need to refresh the page or current tab but the help section of the 'ui control' node is not too helpful.
i think i understand the idea of 'Sending a blank tab name "" will refresh the current page'
but im strugeling to refresh the current page.
by using a simple button, i can send to another page with just sending the page number e.g ' 2 ' as a string type payload, but cant seem to refresh the page/current tab.
Im not sure where im going wrong.

A bit of context - I have a camera on this one page that works ok on a desktop web browser and shows the image when changing tabs but not on a iphone with node red dashboard linked directly on the home screen (i.e no browser as such it looks like an app) every time i change the tab the image disapears and i need to close it and reopen the "app" to see the image again. A simple button to refresh will sufice.

Hi, I assume you are referring to a Dashboard page? You might like to change the category to Dashboard in that case.

You should also note that Dashboard is a single page, not multiples. The tabs are a "cheat" to make it look like multiple pages but they aren't really. So if you reload the "page", you will reset everything on all tabs.

Perhaps what you need to do is to re-inject the image html each time the tab changes (using ui_control to trigger it).

I have changed the category to dashboard.
I didnt know the dashboard is a single page, still refreshing the whole dashboard will still work fine. as closing and re opening the "app" is essentially the same thing.

any ideas on how to accomplish this?

This could also work but sounds a bit more complicated than a simple refresh. just a full refresh of the dashboard is all i really need.

You probably want this in a custom button (ui_template):

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