Force web browser to refresh Dashboard page

We use a VPN to access the Dashboard. VPN access is limited by a user/schedule only the current designated user can access and push the buttons etc on the Dashboard (remote hardware control).

Unfortunately, even though the VPN no longer authorizes the user at the end of their scheduled time...the Dashboard page in the browser is able to maintain the connection and operate the buttons (control the hardware)...(there is no easy way to instantly purge the VPN connections.)

However, if that Dashboard page on the browser is manually refreshed, (click the refresh button on the browser) then it can no longer connect through the VPN.

I simply need to know if there is a command/node within node-red that will force that Dashboard page on the browser to refresh automatically. (in regular html you can just stick in a refresh command).

I can configure a trigger, I just need the command/node.

I do not need to know if the flow has been changed...I just need the actual Dashboard page on the browser (:1880/ui) refreshed.

Everything works perfectly except that the previous user still has access until they refresh their browser.


Try sending an empty payload to the ui_control node

One portion loses its data...but the rest of the Dashboard still works.

This can be done 2 ways that I know of.

Method 1:
use a template node and create a script that is triggered by a button to refresh the page while discarding the POST data (perform a GET request)

window.location.href = "http://your-url-or-ip:1880/%23%21/0"

you need to encode using %23%21 insted of #! for the url to work

Method 2:
See my post on sending users to a link via a button. check the 'send to all browsers sessions' and make sure to change the url using encoding described in method1: see (http://your-url-or-ip:1880/%23!/0)

Note: I and many others do nutty cool things with the dashboard. Sounds like you need to outline a one off job request with all the things you want this dashboard to do and post it in the jobs section. I'm sure someone here could use the work.

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