I have to start somewhere. Home automation control

I am thinking of getting a bit of work done and getting 240v (AC/Main) stuff down/controlled.

I live in "Oz" and there aren't too many options for a central system.

There is a system from Clipsal called C-Bus. But that is its own standalone system.

Can Node-Red talk to this system? Does anyone know?

Thanks in advance.

The best place to start would probably be flows.nodered.org

Then a search using your internet search engine of choice, you should quickly find some avenues worth more investigation...

Well, while looking I see z-wave is supported.

I may have to go down that path as c-bus didn't quite show anything other than mpr121. What ever that is.

Really? With one "google" for "C-bus node-red" I found pages where people are integrating the two via MQTT.

But this is a search that you can easily do...

I can't argue with what you said.

I tried and didn't really get much. So I looked in the library and entered C-Bus and got a node that mentioned.... mpr121.

So while looking at other "home automation" stuff I saw z-wave and looked in the library.
Found the node right away.

So I guess that's that.

You must have a better google than me.

But I live in Oz. The back water of the internet.
Google don't like me much these days - dunno why.
I really get weird results for searches.

You should clear out your browser history/cookies/etc and clear out your search history in Google as well.

Then switch to an alternate such as startpage.com.

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