Wmbus cul node red

is it easy to connect a cul and a wmbus device in node red ?

If there are any libraries for NodeJS, then theoretically yes. Maybe even nodes for Node-RED. Have you searched here?

there are no experiences with culs in node red ?
for fhem i found some…
i had a device with wmbus and after 3 days i was able to get data via cul / wmbus .
i have a nanoCUL with the culw Firmware... Maybe i Need another nanoCUL or another Firmware ? busware ?

Experiences with CUL yes, but not in conjunction with Node-RED.

I use this CUL adapter with this firmware in FHEM to control/read my heating thermostats. At the moment I push the data from FHEM to Node-RED via MQTT. I haven't had the time to integrate it directly into my Node-RED instance, yet.

There are custom nodes for CUL and WMBUS.

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I have wmbus device and CUL withNode-RED .

is it possible to connect CUL , WMBUS to Nodered. if yes please let me know process how to connect and get the data from cul to node-red.

Vamsi krishna

As I have stated, I am currently using FHEM, not Node-RED to communicate with my CUL transceiver. Neither have I tried the existing nodes.

In my setup, all data is pushed via MQTT from FHEM to Node-RED for further processing. To do this, you have to create an MQTT bridge for each device connected via CUL.



i am not plannning to use with FHEM.

i need to use node red with nanoCUL and MBUS.

now i am able to connect nanoCUL With node-red after connecting nanoCUL with node-red i am able to see that message nanoCUL Is connected.

Please let me know whether nanoCUL will support Node-red or not.

tel me process For getting data from nanoCUL to Node-red

Vamsi krishna

Again, I have not tried these nodes, so I cannot help you with that.

But it looks like you are on the right track. :+1: Now you need to figure out how to communicate with your devices, which data to send/receive, communication protocols, etc... This is low-level, device-dependent stuff, so you will require some kind of documentation on that.

If you find something out, it would be appreciated if you shared it here.