Velbus support for Node Red


I have created an integration with Velbus - the home automation system made by Velleman.

You can find my project called node-red-contrib-velbus here or simply install it in your Node-red setup by searching for 'Velbus' in the "Manage Pallete"
install section.

It't still early days, but the most important nodes are working.

Now I can finally talk to my Velbus modules using Google Home (using Nora, the wonderfull integration by Andrei Tatar :wink:

I can also switch on/off my Hue lights using existing Velbus Buttons, which is really convenient.

For now, I only have support for VMB4PB and VMB8PB (button modules), but that should be easily extended to other modules.

To send basic comands to (unexisting) modules, I also made a "Raw Bytes" node. Here you can send whatever raw Velbus packet. I'm using it to synchronise the time to all modules any week.

A few rough edges still need to be smoothed, so I hope to do quite a few updates in the next weeks and months.

Please tell me about your findings, request and issues. Happy to help!