Has anyone experience with Homematic and heater-controller?


i'm glad to see that someone has the same idea to visualize a heater's programming in the Node RED dashboard (node-red-contrib-heater).

Now i want to bind it to a Homematic HM-CC-RT-DN heater valve. Has anyone done that before?


Hi Frank, I’ve heard of that model before, but I don’t know anything about it. How would you connect it, is there a data sheet for it available? Start there with answering your questions. Next thing you want to figure out is how to control it, for example look if there’s an MQTT wrapper for it or if you can control it over serial or TCP sockets. Or easier, start with the flows library to see if there’s a node for it already. I saw a webui, but is there something easier than that, though if not you can use it with http-request nodes.

If I remember correctly, these are wireless and are using the 868 MHz band. I think they can be controlled with a CUL adapter.

We had a similar discussion some days ago, maybe you can find some hints there.