The node "node-red-contrib-heater-controller" is not working anymore after upgrade


recently I upgraded the heater-controller node to latest version 3.02. But i can't get it working now, it shows no values! I tried with a simple sample:


But it does nothing, no reaction on it :frowning: Any ideas where the problem could be located?


When i inject the message, there is no message in the debug window or in the logs on the server. It seems there is no problem but the heater node shows nothing.

Do you meet the node's minimum requirements (from the readme)


nodejs -v

Yeah i think so:

node-red -v
16 Sep 12:36:27 - [info] 

Willkommen bei Node-RED!

16 Sep 12:36:27 - [info] Node-RED Version: v2.0.3
16 Sep 12:36:27 - [info] Node.js  Version: v14.17.6
16 Sep 12:36:27 - [info] Linux 4.15.0-156-generic x64 LE
16 Sep 12:36:28 - [info] Paletten-Nodes werden geladen
16 Sep 12:36:33 - [info] Dashboard version 2.30.0 started at /ui

@SergiuToporjinschi for information.

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