I need help to add more to a bot

I am totally new to the world of node red, but would like to try to understand it better, I have downloaded start that a bot that I would like to do more on, what it can do now is buy currency in a specified second, so every 3600 second it buys, but it can't sell, and I would like to ask for a little help (a push in the right direction) is it possible to make it ask the market price maybe every 20 seconds, and if the price is 5% above the price I bought it for should it sell again?

  1. How can you get it to ask on a market, (through an API for trade places)
  2. How do I get it to sell after x% percent

Thank you in advance

Welcome to the forum @Holk

Please tell us exactly what you have downloaded, and how you installed it. Is it a node red contrib node? If you have forgotten the name then look in Manage Palette in the menu dropdown and you should see all the nodes you have installed.

I think it might be this node as the shape/colour of the icon looks very similar.

Thank you... for your replay.

I have follow this sites instructions How-to set up a Dollar-Cost Averaging crypto trading bot in 5 easy steps — My Crypto Trading Bot but i can see it have to be changes a little

The node is " node-red-contrib-ccxt-v2 "

Thank you in advance

Yeps... thats the one.

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