Help with this node

hello everyone I hope you can help me with this node since it gives me an error

i am working with this node:

when executing node it gives me this:
"kucoin GET fetch failed"

Thanks in advance

Did you try the example flows provided by the author(s) as mentioned on the flow page: node-red-contrib-ccxt-v2 (node) - Node-RED

thanks for answering.

These examples are not made for node-red


the node-red folder does not have an example on that node

Your best bet would be to see if you can send an email to the author. Open a terminal window and run

npm view node-red-contrib-ccxt-v2 _npmUser

And see if it gives you the authors email address and if it does, email them.

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@street404 can you please open an issue in github.. this is where issues should go.

we can take it from there.. thanks

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Hi @nileio
If you add something like this to your package.json then there will be a link to the github repo on the node's npm page, and in the node-red flows page, which would make it easier for users to find where to report issues.

    "repository"   : {
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yeah this was one of the very early nodes I built so yeah the repo is missing in the package .. thanks for the note.. will update it

what is the nodejs version? output of node -v

a new update is pushed to npm - please upgrade to latest version and if you still facing issues , open an issue in github .. Thanks!!

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