[UPDATE] node-red-contrib-components v0.3.2

[UPDATE] node-red-contrib-components v0.3.2

Refactoring of the context feature.


release 0.2.3 was a breaking change and made old flows not work (sorry for that!)
After a user request I decided to make the context feature optional.

A component can be made "using the context" feature and set each parameter to local, once the feature is enabled.

The Release also has quite some bugfixes regarding the editor and validation of connectivity. There should be less red triangles top be seen.

major f**ck up.

I managed to deleted the npm package node-red-contrib-components all together.
I can recover the relevant versions, but not before 24h passed.
Sorry about that.

The story behind it:
I found more problems in the latest version and tried to unpublish it. Hit the wrong button.
Pure stupidity.

Missing Test Coverage

That is, because this set of nodes has somewhat gotten out-of-hands. The inter-dependencies of these 3 nodes are so complex, that it is impossible to go on without a decent (automated) test coverage. So I will take this mess to go back into my garage and write tests for each and every feature. Should have done that much earlier anyway.

I don't see too many downloads, so I hope I did not screw up too many of your flows already.

Expect the components back soon in a really stable and tested version.

I'm destroyed.

Take it easy! It happens to the best of us :wink:

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Hi @ollix,

First of all: thanks for the great package. It has already been a great help for my project! I was trying to install it on a new environment and have seen that is no longer available on npm. Do you have an idea on when it will be available again (the old version is also fine)?

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I just managed to get the NPM repo back up and running together with their super nice support. I lost all the old versions, but I released 0.3.3 to revive the package. So please take a look at it now: [UPDATE] node-red-contrib-components v0.3.3