I need to check if the PDF file has a specific text

Hi friends.
I'm building an on-line market using telegram bots. I need to validate the proof of payment, all automatically. The idea is the following: the person will send the proof of payment in the form of a pdf in the telegram bot chat, he will then send this file to node red, my flows will check if this pdf contains a keyword (my name product, for example) and only then will it send the order to the database for processing. Does anyone have any idea how to do this integration?


What have you tried so far?

Which nodes have you installed and experimented with?



Hi Paul
I've installed RedBot To manage my Telegram's Bot. For now just download this palette. I need it to collect the pdf file and check if the keyword that I choose exists within the file

Why upload a pdf, if you send them a pdf containing a confirmation code, then all they would have to send is the confirmation code.

Well, I need to confirm the client payment before confirm his order. The only way I found to solve this problem without buying an online API manager is checking out this keyword. When generating the payment invoice for the customer, I can choose this keyword so that it also appears on the receipt that will return to me, so I will have confirmation that the customer actually paid

payment > send them conformation text/pdf > they return confirmation code from the text/pdf > check the code > confirm order.
No need to for them to return pdf, all they need to do is return confirmation code.

Modern problems requires modern solutions!!
I will try this way
Thank you so much

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