I want to disable encryption of my credential file for an existing project

I have a project (github) where my node-red credentials file (controller/flows_cred.json) is encrypted.
FYI node-red is running on raspberry pi 3 in a docker container based on image nodered/node-red:3.0.2-16

I no longer want to encrypt my credentials for this project (as I am going to specify any credentials throughenvironment variables).

I don't know the password that is used to encrypt my credentials.
I am happy to reenter all my credentials.

In order to disable encryption of my credential file I thought I just need to delete my credential file (controller/flows_cred.json) and disable encryption in the settings.js file by adding the line:

    credentialSecret: false,

but this doesn't disable encryption:

I have no clue what else I can try.

The UI doesn't provide a way to disable encryption - only to change/reset the key being used.

You can manually disable it by:

  1. edit .node-red/.config.projects.json - look for your project's entry in the list and delete its credentialSecret entry.
  2. delete the credentials file
  3. restart Node-RED
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