I want to have a task list

The attached picture is made by me in PhotoShop. Sometimes I need to execute it line by line according to the task. Not so convenient. Which god can develop such a plug-in

My idea is similar to subflow, each Tasklist is a subflow, subflow applets are made into a collection, and nesting is also supported

Why recreate it if all exists already in node-red?
If you put an inject node before every line... ready is your tasklist.

It will look messy when there are too many connections.
This method can nest some subroutines, which is very helpful in program nesting and reuse.

Well, it is one node more per line. Hard to see the increased messy-ness.

However, if you like it clean, maybe a dashboard can help you. Instead of the inject node use a UI button.
You could have only one button per line on the dashboard, sounds very clean to me.

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