I2C on Raspi3 + Buster + nodered 1.0 : help needed

Dear all,
I have a vergin setup Raspi3 + Buster + nodered 1.0
I2C enabled, PCA9685 module connected (at default 0x40): i2cdetect reports 0x40.

A "node-red-contrib-i2c" "scan" in node red comes back with 64 and 128, which I do not understand. Is this correct?:thinking:

Now the real problem:
creates an error

Can anybody help me getting the PCA9685 running under node red 1.0?:woozy_face:
Btw. also an INA219 module did not work on the I2C

THX Josef

sorry, stupid me: scan result comes in decimals. So it is right.
But the PCA problem remains.