I2C-scan node reading different address than i2cdetect

Hi there,
I am a bit confused. I am using the I2C scan node to detect the available addresses and I also checked with i2cdetect -y 01 directly from terminal.
I get two different results:

How is that possible?
Am I reading the results in the wrong way?

Hi @FeliceM are you using a Rpi? and are you sure that your I2C connection is correct? SDA - SCL

Sorry my bad, your I2C is okay, the address is the same, but it is in HEX:

26 = 0x1A
80 = 0x50
81 = 0x51
82 = 0x52
83 = 0x53
84 = 0x54
85 = 0x55
86 = 0x56
87 = 0x57

click on the msg.payload number to change to hex format.

Silly me!
I got it. Thanks

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