iAquaLink for Zodiac Exo IQ LS stopped working

Hi all,

had a flow up und running for a pool controller named EXO IQ LS by zodiac.

Inspired by @Tico and @VVorttexx from this thread.

Suddenly, I guess the API has changed. The authentication through post is not working anymore and token is retrieved.

@Tico or @VVorttexx have you also discovered this issue?


Yes, Zodiac has changed the authentication slightly in a recent update. Unfortunately the thread is closed and I can't append the solution to the original topic you linked above.

You need to change one detail in the 'Format Post Request' function node preceeding the HTTP Request node. Delete the use of gzip and replace as follows -

msg.headers['accept-encoding'] = '*';

In the 'Format Get Request' function nodes preceeding the other HTTP Request nodes, similarly change gzip to that depicted above.

Thanks @Tico

This solved the authentication issue.

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