iAqualink/Zodiac-IO TokenID not working anymore

was there any API change by Zodiac-IO?
Refering to this thread:

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Welcome @KIO

A quick search shows a thread from 6/5 days ago.

Thank you very much!
Working again!

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Hi all,

It seems that Zodiac has changed again something on their backend today.

Iā€™m getting right now an error: EAI_AGAIN

@Tico: Have you also experienced this issue?


Yes, I had the same message EAI_AGAIN displayed under the HTTP Request node. A refresh of the trigger node appears to have removed it for the time being. I'm getting data normally now. May have been temporary works at their end?

True. Maybe it was an issue at Zodiacā€˜s backend.

Working normally now.

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