Icons in UI e.g. ui_button look like to have a problem

Currently I am using Node-RED v.1.1.3
Node-red-dashboard v.2.23.4

This is an example of how I configured my ui buttons:

Until short this used to display an arrow in the button. However since a few days (it might be after a recent update of the palette) the buttons look like this:
Aantekening 2020-10-27 134706

All flows are affected....

Probably update Node Red to last version v1.2.2 ?

Try shutting and restarting and flush your browsers cache

Working for me, I am running 1.2.2. Is it specific to a given browser? Tested FF, Edge (latest) for W10, and Chrome, no issues.

Yes, this did the trick (shut down and restart). Still no clue why it happened.

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Probably forced a flush of the browsers cache.

I often do CNTRL-F5 most browsers, this forces the HTTP/HTTPS request to bypass the cache or clear the cache.

Not necessarily. CTRL-F5 does not necessarily reload all the stuff pulled in by the page. It will reload the main url but not necessarily the rest. The only way to be certain is to clear the cache. I know this from wasting time in the past looking for an issue, then eventually I cleared the cache and all was magically ok.

True, most of the time it just happens to work for me, or I should say, the sites I have visited at the time.

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