Iduino - temperature sensor - NTC-MF52 thermistor to node-RED on Raspberry PI 4

Hi, all!
I am trying to read data from an Iduino - temperature sensor - NTC-MF52 thermistor into node-RED on a Raspberry PI 4 but am struggling to do so.
It is likely that I am doing something wrong but it seems that it sends no signal through the GPIO in node or something like it. Is it supposed to send in raw data?

Here is its datasheet:

And how it works:

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

Not an expert of your hardware but...

Looks like that sensor sends out an Analogue Signal. You don't say whether you have anything else connected, but hint at Iduino. Not sure if you are using that, or using the Sensor breakout on the RPIO pins of the Pi 4.

Having a quick look at the Pi 4, I can't see any Analogue Input Pins on the GPIO. You would need to somehow get the reading from the sensor into a form that Node-RED can understand.

Many people use Sensors etc. connected to ESP8266/ESP32 and MQTT to communicate with NR. There are other choices (I2C? SPI?).

Get your hardware interface sorted out, or describe how you get your signal and then we can go from there. BUT remember this is a Node-RED forum, not for Arduino, RPi etc. Some people might be able to help here, but you would be better asking on an appropriate Forum.

(For my money MQTT/ESP route as you isolate any sensor from the more delicate, and more expensive RPi GPIO)

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You seem to have posted a second data sheet while I was typing. Looking at that, there is a digital O/P, but it is ON/OFF, presumably with a Setpoint adjusted by the Potentiometer. This could be used by the GPIO with the RPI options loaded when you install NR.

But how to do that, I defer to those more learned than me!

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