RTD 8 channel hat with Raspberry Pi 4 (Need help to read temperature from PT100)

Hi All,
I am new for node red and using 8 channel RTD HAT with Raspberry Pi4. could you lease help me to configure RTD sensors like PT-100 with given board? with help of Node-red or Python script. Thanks in advance.... :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you share the Make and Model of the Board?
What interfaces are available to the board? (serial, i2c, etc).
Can you attach links to a user guide, manual or specification sheet?

Raspberry Pi4 has no analog input gpio capabilities, so the values collected from each of those channels is communicated to the pi via something other than simple GPIO pins.

@cjnavi perhaps look at the support page for (what I am guessing is) your hardware

There is a link in there for node-red

If it's that board, there is even a node-red NODE available for it that communicates over i2c. Interesting stuff.

Thanks for your response....
I am using Sequent RTD 8 Channel hat for raspberry Pi4..
8-Channel RTD Data Acquisition 8-Layer Stackable for Raspberry Pi – Sequent Microsystems and they have given some process but not in full manner..could you please explain how we can get data from RTD sensor and store the data in a file. we nee 5 samples for second.

Yes your guess is correct. The have given node red link for installation only, but i need process for how to read the data from sensor using node red .

I am very new for Node red. could you please help me how can use that particular NODE.

No. It is not just for library installation. There is also an example flow to read from the (library you must install) to Node-Red.

You just have to spend some time looking at their directions. Otherwise how can we assist when you have the hardware?

Thanks for your support and help, I got the solution after spent lot of time....

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