If I have multi response from RX, How can I judge which is it?

Dear Sir :

  1. if I receive 7 set of data from RX, Receive one at time.
  2. So which node can be use to judge which data it is?
  3. My mean is I send it from TX and receive it from RX, So how can I identify then to do another
  4. How can I read from RX buffer? I dont understand!

Thank u.

Start by reading and attempting to understand all posts sent to this forum. If you had been doing that you would have seen several very similar questions here since you joined, along with the suggestion of using the buffer parser node. Also you would have seen suggestions that if you have control of the device transmitting the data then send JSON not raw data.

Edit: I don't mean read all the posts in the whole forum, just watch new ones as they come in. That way you will learn s great deal.

Dear Coloin :

  1. Pardon me, My english is not good, I will try.
  2. The first question is solved.
  3. But I have second question is :
    I have a set of data from RX, About 34 bytes(9 kind of data).
    So I hope when I receice the data then I can show the value,
    But how? Use which node is better...

Thank u?

Without seeing the data or knowing its content, it is difficult to help however the node-red-contrib-buffer-parser (node) - Node-RED node will be able to translate the bytes into meaningful values.

As I said

Dear Colin :

I have a idea,
I want use Function node and use for to do.
But I have a question...
The js have union can set? And its like C union?

Thank u.

Dear Steve-Mcl :

If my idea is can not that I will try it.

Thank u.

Dear All :

I think for is can not :
Cause every set of data I need return msg.payload, It will exit function node ...
So, Let me thinking.............................................................................................

Thank u.

I suggested the buffer parser node. I am not sure why you ask for advise and then ignore it.

Dear Colin :

This is topic I have been solved.
But I have another question so I need to open new topic.

Thank u.

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