IFM Vibrations VSE150

Dear all,

Does somebody has any experience with this sensors and node red? I have a project where I must use them.
Thank you!

Unless you have a profinet gateway or plc, I'm not sure you can communicate to this device.

Thanks Steve-mcl. But you could communicate via profinet nodes , couldn’t you?

Only one I've seen is the compactcom nodes but if I'm not mistaken, they require special hardware?

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Ps, I think that device talks "profinet IO" (not profinet)

I don´t know. This is the first time I have to use these devices. :slight_smile:

No protocol TCP / UDP communication might be possible but the Manual only mentions profinet IO so I can only recommend you contact IFM. They are usually good with support (especially if it means more future sales I would suspect)

thanks!! I´ll do it

Doesn't whoever said that is the device to use know about what techniques can be used to talk to it? I would have thought that would be considered before deciding to use it.
Is profinet already used in your organisation (or that of your client if you are working for a client)?

Hi Colin,

There is a machine where they have S7 1500. Now, they want to add some signals (AI and DI) and this device (IFM VSE150). We just read signals and make some alarms.
PLC or device that we want to install, it´s based on node red, you can add inputs that you want, and you can communicate as a Modbus TCP Slave or OPC UA server. In this case we will communicate via OPC UA, but the problem is that we need to add a VSE 150 device, bus I don´t jnow if you can communicate via S7 nodes.

If you have an S7 then you can/should connect the VSE150 to that. Then you can use OPCUA, modbus, TCP or the S7 nodes to read the VSE values from the plc tags.

That's kinda why I asked


i wanna mean, they don´t want to connect anything else to S7. They would like to add VSE directly to our PLC based on node red, via S7 nodes. Is that possible?
After reading tags from VSE we have to communicate with SCADA via OPC UA

No. Afraid not.
S7 protocol != profinet != profinet IO
3 different protocols.

But as I said earlier, IFM might have no protocol or alternate protocol communication method.

Failing that, you could purchase a gateway device (relatively cheap) if they won't let you connect it to the PLC.

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