IKEA Tradfri - manual overriding node red and Bigtimer

I'm installing more and more of the IKEA tradfri range around my home, and recently I have used the Skydrag lighting under my kitchen cabinets, controlled by Node Red using Bigtimer.

I have the cabinet lights set to come on at two times (at breakfast time and the again at dinner), however when I go into a dark kitchen late at night, and switch off and then on the lights by a ordinary light switch, the light come on but goes off after a short period of time.

If I purchase a IKEA (dimmer) switch, will this - or can this be used with Node red to override its Bigtimer settings? Or will the lights switch on and then go off again?

I'd quite like a IKEA motion sensor to do the same operation, if at all possible.

Comments/Advice welcome.

Do you understand why the light goes off again? If not then add debug nodes into the flow and investigate why it goes off.

You told us when bigtimer is set to switch the lights on, but when is it set to switch them off?

"Do you understand why the light goes off again?"
I'm assuming after manually switch the power cack on to the lights then bigtimer is kicking in and it and node red send the lights to sleep

on 7:00 off 9:00
on 16:00 off 21:00

Have you got, in bigtimer, the Repeat Output option selected? If you have then after 21:00 it will keep switching the lights off every minute (or something, can't remember exactly). If you don't want that then clear the Repeat option and it will just send the commands once, at the specified times.


Don't assume, add the Debug nodes as I suggested and see exactly what is happening.

I tried disabling the repeat output and so far the results look promising

Thanks Colin

Glad you've fixed the actual problem. But to answer your question, yes. You can use any of the Ikea Tradfri switches. You don't say, but I assume that you are using Zigbee2MQTT to control them?

Yes, also possible. You can also bind the motion sensor direct to the controller so that even if Node-RED isn't working, you still get the control.

I've just set up a Tradfri collection today in fact. With a couple of bulbs, a couple of simple switches, a couple of remote plugs and a couple of motion sensors. Not connected with Node-RED yet but that won't be difficult.

I ended up with an Ikea dimmer/on off switch and it worked first time with my kitchen lighting. At the same time I got one of the newer styled motion sensor switches which I'm using to illuminate a dark staircase. I may find a use for the older sensor for a similar project.

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