Big timer node - How do I disable timer2


Sorry, really simple question, I just can't figure it out.

On the node "Big timer", there's two timed outputs you can set. I only want one. Is there anyway to disable the second one?

What happens when you leave timer2 on 00:00 and 00:00 ?

Bigtimer might be overkill (depending on your needs), did you check other node-red-contrib-time-range-switch or node-red-contrib-light-scheduler for example?

If it leave it at 00:00 it switches on everything at midnight! Since I usually don't go to bed until after midnight, this wasn't really obvious until recently.

I could change the timer, but I like the sunset setting and surely there's a way to turn off timer2.

also uses sunset etc.

I'll have a look this evening. If you can select timers for different days on it as well, I might switch over.

I'd still prefer to fix what I have though.

Thanks for the help.

Set it to send an empty string (for example) which you can then filter out (with a Switch node) so that it does nothing.

Colin, that was a decent suggestion, but it uses the same string for both times.

My "soloution" was to set both timers to the same time :roll_eyes:

@LondisDunleer I realise that I don't understand the question in that case. When I look at bigtimer I do not see two timers, I see a timer with settings for On time and settings for Off time. I had assumed that you were referring to On and Off times but since they have different messages for On and Off (obviously) then your post doesn't make sense. Are you definitely talking about node-red-contrib-bigtimer?

@LondisDunleer can you clarify this, I would like to understand what the issue was.

Here's what big timer looks like Colin. I can't find a way to disable Time2.

Have you thought of asking on pete’s website. He’s likely to know…

Who's Pete :laughing:

It's fine, I just set both timers to the same time which solved the issue. I just put the image up because Colin requested it.

Pete Scargill, the author of bigtimer

I have to apologise, I wasn't using the latest version, I see that the second time has been added. I would try asking the author. You should be able to raise an issue on the node's github page.

or go to here