Big timer Node - How to change timers from Dashboard


How could i edit or set the time of Big Timer Node from Dashboard ? Is this possible ?


Yes. Read the info panel for bigtimer:

The on_override and off_override fields can be used to supercede the set inputs for on and off times (in minutes) - "on_override 20:15" for example (without the quotes) for 8:15pm. These settings are volatile, i.e. not restored when Node-Red is restarted. It may take up to a minute for these controls to take effect.

So on your dashboard you can have a field for time (or like pulldown menus) which you can (indirectly) connect to the bigtimer.

Yes you are right but there are many steps before i input a value to big timer .

If i use a UI Timer input the output will be milliseconds and for this to be used as an input, i first need to convert to Hour: min (ex. 11:15) and than join the string on_override 11:15 to change timer in Big timer node. For this is necessary to write some code but i don´t have the knowledge to make it i was trying to find a solution by using only existent nodes.

PS: I am willing to learn but Javascript " mechanic/concept/thinking " is still still very new for my head. My background are PLCs that is a completely different "thinking ".....

Thanks .


Use the node-red-contrib-moment node