Change the time from the Dashboard Bigtimer / eztimer


I want to know if it is possible to change the time from the Dashboard?

est-il possible de changer l'heure depuis le Dashbord ?


Do you mean you want to change the system time or you want to change the configuration of a timer node?
Or perhaps it is actually The Time that you want to change, but I don't think node-red is quite up to disrupting the space time continuum yet.



I don't believe that you can change the configuration of bigtimer by sending it messages, but there are many timer nodes and certainly some of them you can. node-red-contrib-cron-plus for example. If you look at the readme for each node it should tell you how to do it (if it is possible).


Something like this?

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You can change the Bigtimer to a certain degree from sending it commands. Send it "Timer 30" and it counts down for 30 seconds. I'm not sure what you are trying to do but I use both Bigtimer and cron-plus a lot and change both of them from the dashboard via commands. So the short answer is yes both cron-plus and Bigtimer can be changed from the dashboard.

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It's not easy for me because I don't understand English very well

But thanks to you and the community I’m coming slowly :heart:

I don't speak anything but English so you are way ahead of me.

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j'ai testé, mais je ne voie pas trop comment ça fonctionne.

I tested, but I don't really see how it works

you have an example

Did you open the dashboard?

It was an example of how you can dynamically schedule timed events from the dashboard. Wasn't that what you were wanting?

yes I did a test, after a minute I just have a notification that displays 54 = ON

le but est de pouvoir réglée le temps ON et OFF depuis le Dashbord

the goal is to be able to set the ON and OFF time from the dashboard


That's exactly what the demo I linked to does.

You add 1, 2 or 67 entries.

Entry 1. Set the on time

Entry 2. Set the off time

Then when the time arrives, the payload you entered is sent.

mais quel node que je dois de CRON que je dois connecter a BIGTIMER

but what node I need from CRON that I need to connect to BIGTIMER ?

If you went this way, you wouldn't need BIGTIMER - CRON is a multiple schedule totally flexible event scheduler.


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Ok, ça fonctionne, mais ça ne colle pas avec mon projet

Ok, it works, but it doesn't fit with my project

et le problème est que quand je redémarre node red, tout s'efface

and the problem is that when I restart node red, everything is erased

CRON is a multiple schedule totally flexible event scheduler
you say

J'essaye de comprendre le format

I'm trying to understand the format

i don't arrive with
je n'arrive pas avec : 12h35