Edit node config from Dashboard


I am working on the possibility to change the time settings on the BigTimer node from the Dashboard. This would mean changing the values in the config of the node.
I have seen this example in the flows library

and this appears to be most of what is needed, but this is very old and now the issue is that the editor produces a pop up (Merge, Ignore, Changed etc), I suspect this is related to newer versions of Node Red.
This seems to be based on the Admin API and I have looked at that and cannot see why this should not work.
This would be useful for many other applications eg. to set the connection settings for an MQTT node.

Any help, advice appreciated

@mtoko if anything deploys changes to the runtime whilst you have the editor open, it will tell you and ask what to do. That's just how it works today and there's no way to stop it doing that.

Thanks Nick
So if you were able to trigger this flow without the editor being open, from another instance of NR or maybe from an MQTT in then the changes would be saved?

Just in case anyone is interested.
I was able to set up an MQTT in node in the flow with the timer which triggers the changes in the flow using the API. I can now change the timer settings (that are in the config node) particularly the on and off times from an MQTT client or another instance of NR.
Probably not very elegant but it works

Are you aware of the cronplus node? That is designed to be driven from input msg's as well as the node's config and will likely be more suited to what you are trying to do that the bigtimer node.

You might also take a look at the schedex node. It is a lot like ( "inspired by") bigtimer but is not as "big" and lacks some features. It can, however, be programmed by messages, and I have written a dashboard interface for it.

Thanks I appreciate the advice and will look at both of these