Modify multiple nodes from single UI control


Hi guys,

The Timer with UI feedback is progressing. I used 4 such times in a flow. The timer is based on scheduler of BigTimer by Peter Scargill.

Now I’m adding “Correction” control. It’s a numeric UI input which should shift the end time of all 4 schedulers proportionally. This is simple function to implement - not a problem.

Practically, I tested, if the flow.json is changed not via web-UI then node-red asks to merge it. It merges the change successfully and all is fine. So this is the method I’m going to implement: regex which changes the json and reloads the node-red.

is there better/simpler solution to the simultaneous change of internal node value of multiple nodes in the flow not from WebUI?

Maybe this topic should go to Dashboard branch?

Thank you!



If I understood well....maybe use a global variable and set is directly if you wanted from the dashboard via slider or numeric input or whatever....

I had a specific tab where I can set some system configurations, one of the points is to define values for several timers that runs on automatic functions on the system.




BigTimer can’t read from global variables. And it doesn’t have appropriate input message parsing to control its parameters. The schedule is hardly set in node and can be edited in WebUI only (or in proposed method via flows.json file).

I could change the bigtimer code to get appropriate parsing… or just control the offsets in flows.json (which is easier to me). My question is actually brainstorming - any idea or proposal is welcome.

Thank you.



I'm using shedex which actually is based on bigtimer and does accept to set all values with the messages what makes it configurable on the fly, the delay standard node is also working .

Maybe I understood incorrectly your question but I think this is not a bad option for your purpose.


Just to pu you one example what you can do with this....


I can handle the blind manually up & down at same time I can enable or dissable the schedule, if schedule is enables I determine on the same dashboard the time to move it up and time for movine it down and from other side which days of the weeks the schedule is working and which days is not.

I hope is interesting and give you some ideas as I don't know exactly what u wanted to do.




Schedex - from first look it seems like perfect scheduler!
David, thank you for advice.
I will review it in details and will try to replace bigtimer with schedex if possible. This should simplify all the surroundings too.



BigTimer vs. Schedex comparison.
For BigTimer:

  • Has separated output for every minute command.
  • Has timer (however, on contrary of scheduled job, timer does not send messages every minute: just on and off).
  • Sends appropriate on/off message if time was skipped and node was reloaded.

For Schedex:

  • Simpler yet comprehensive initial configuration, less settings to set.
  • All configurations are overwritable from input, i.e. controllable from other nodes.
  • Manual control does not require additional “manual” message.
  • Code written in neat, clear, self-explanatory manner, lege artis of programming. (Minor pro for most users).


For me the big disadvantage on bigtimer is not being able to set the values with in messages, so no configurable on the fly and this is normally what you expect when you wanted to do nice staff on dashboard, otherwise was great.




Hi davidcgu nice work could you upload an example of how to input the messages.
mon false
thanks for your time..



just set msg.payload to "mon false"