Enable Disable Node RED Flow or Node with Home Assistant


I use Node RED (Bigtimer) to switch my pool pump
This runs from 12pm to 5pm
Now I would like to use a switch, for example to start the pump at 6 p.m. and switch it off again after 2 hours and activate the Bigtimer again
Is this possible?
I just don’t want to deactivate the Bigtimer every time in Node Red, switch on the pump, and then switch it off manually later and activate the Bigtimer again

Do you just mean that you want two different schedules, one the existing bigtimer schedule, and a new one that goes on a 6 and off at 8? If so can you not dynamically change the schedule in bigtimer? If not you could use cronplus instead. Alternatively use two bigtimer nodes and a couple of Switch nodes (not dashboard switch) to allow the current active one's messages through.

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