IKEA Tradfri Sockets from Loxone via Node-red/Loxone virtual output

Hello all,

I have node-red connected to IKEA Tradfri Gateway and Loxone miniserver (using pallets node-red-contrib-loxone and node-red-contrib-ikea-tradfri) and it works fine for simple things. E.g. I can switch on/off Ikea sockets from Loxone application. On Loxone side it is done via virtual input, but in case I would like to use e.g. double click on Loxone Touch, I have to use virtual output in Loxone.

And now my ignorance steps in ...

I am able to create udp input in Node-red listening on 60001 port, In Loxone I am able to create virtual output targeting Node-red on 60001, but I need to specify exact command in Loxone which I need to send to Node-red. It is for simple switch on and off.

Anyone has ended in same dead end?

Thanks for your ideas

Jan K.