I'm missing the Class field in my dashboard nodes

What I have:

What I want:

notice the Class field is missing.

also, the dark/custom theme doesn't work for me (might be unrelated but just mentioning it)

other than the 'CSS' part, the node-red installation is working fine, I tried a serial reader, to integrate it with an arduino.

I'm new, this might be a dumb fix

Installation of the themes

Install via the Palette Manager

Search for @node-red-contrib-themes/theme-collection

Install with npm

Run the following command from within the Node-RED user data directory (by default, $HOME/.node-red).

npm install @node-red-contrib-themes/theme-collection

Click the pencil on the right side of input field

Click the pencil on the right side of input field

I added a new tab and group, there still isn't a CSS field.

The theme works now, though. Thanks!

What version of Node-red do you have?

I think the Class field was introduced for v3.0

Please paste images directly into the forum posts.

I should have the latest version, I just downloaded it.

I checked, it's v3.1.9
node-js v22.1.0

Sorry, I'll take care next time!

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Would be good if you could edit the post and paste your screenshots in directly :angel:

We need the dashboard version - look in the palette manager (where you install dashboard nodes)

hi, the dashboard version is v1.0.2. I'm using dashboard-evi.

Then that is why you dont have "class" option.

TBH, not many people use that (most use node-red-dashboard and many are now using the successor @flofuse/node-red-dashboard AKA dashboard 2)

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Ahh got it. I can now see the class thingy.

Thanks for your help!

also, what's the dashboard 2? How is it better, and is it easier to use, being a beginner?

Better in that it uses modern tooling and is being actively developed. It is based on Vue and vuetify.

Dashboard 1 is more mature but uses the now unsupported angularjs and is not being actively developed.

If you are beginner, it may be worth not learning the ins & outs of dashboard 1 and skip straight to dashboard 2

Dashboard 1 could very well be abandoned if any CVEs arise in the old unsupported underlying angularjs.

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Alright, I'm now trying using the flofuse version. Thanks for your help!

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