Dashboard shows only default style


Hi All

I've updated my node-red to the latest ver. on my raspberry, and all my nodes, but for some reason my dashboard now only showing default (light) theme, even when I select dark theme, hmmm what is wrong here....



So what versions of Node-RED, node.js and the dashboard are you now running? (all listed in the startup message)

Have you tried resetting the cache in your browser?


Node-red is v0.19.5 node.js is v11.2.0 and dashboard is v2,11,0
I tried to connect to a second ip number on my PI and "wupti" now the dark theme works....
So thanks for help.....


But your version of nodejs may give you problems especially with nodes that need components to be compiled, and will give you problems if you try to use a serial connection. It is too new, the recommended versions are listed on the website.


My system is running smoothly without problems, and I do not use the component you mention so far, but I will write the issues behind my ear....
Thanks again.....