Stuck on "Light" Default Dashboard Theme

I cannot change my Dashboard Theme. Normally I use the default "Dark" theme.

I started a new project, and the "Light" default theme appears. I cannot change the theme to "Dark" or "Custom". The "Light" theme always shows up.

Question: How do I correct the behavior of only the "Light" theme showing up, although I have selected the "Dark" theme?


maybe restart Node-RED ? - Flush browser cache ? - change it to "light" - deploy - change back to dark - deploy... ?

Thanks dceejay

I tried the following, with no change in the Dashboard Theme (stuck on Light):

  • Stop/Start Node-Red
  • Cleared Cache
  • Used a different browser
  • Cycled Light/Dark Themes

I moved the flow to a different host. All good.

So, the problem seems to be with a particular Node-Red host. Is there a file config somewhere that needs to be adjusted? The problem host was working (Theme wise) previous to me making a new project and importing the flow.


  • List item

/Start Node-Red

On the problem Node-Red host, I removed the .Node-Red directory, and reloaded Node-Red.

Now, the themes work as expected.

So.....any ideas on which file was corrupted, or needed a config change?


Have you re-imported the flow again?


Yes. Flow imported. All good. But, why? Which file was corrupted?


If we knew that we wouldn't need to ask these questions.
Did you try just making another new project?

Hi Colin. Thanks for helping identify the problem.

Q - Did you try just making another new project?

A - Not directly. I did open other projects that were already built. Those, too, would only allow the "Light" Dashboard theme.


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