Problem with Themes

I'm using the latest NR on Raspberry Pi 3 - everything up to date - and viewing in Chrome on Windows 10. I get light theme even if I go in and select dark or custom - and that's after stopping and starting NR and refreshing the browser. I'm checking this as I HAD a third party custom theme and removed it as the designer left some black text on dark background, so I thought I'd try the official custom theming. I get light theme no matter what.. the themes seem to apply only to the dashboard and not to the working environment. Is that intentional?

Hi @scargill

The only way the Node-ED Editor can be themed is by editing your settings.js file and modifying the editorTheme option.

The Node-RED Editor does not provide anything other than the default appearance.

Node-RED Dashboard does provide themes for the Dashboard that you can pick from in the Dashboard sidebar. But they only apply to the appearance of the Dashboard.