I'm not getting notification in dashboard

I'm not getting Notification.

function node:

What browser are you using?
What operating system are you using?
Do you have any sort of blockers installed on your web browser? (Pop up, ad or JavaScript killers for example).

Also show us the configuration of the notification node.

Win 10
Ad Block Plus

after getting tick to Accept raw HTML/JavaScript input RESOLVED.

Does it stop working again if you uncheck that? That should not prevent it working.

My guess is the message feeding into your function block didnt have the necessary parts to direct it to your browser session (when that option was selected).

i.e. the msg was generated from a non dashboard node & therefore didnt contain .socketid

If socket id is not set shouldn't it go to all sessions? That is ticked in the config too.

possibly - it was an assumption based on the checkbox words "send to all browser sessions".
i.e. I assumed if it were unticked, then it would "send to a specific session" & therefore, if socketid is missing, it cant send to a specific socket.

Yes , It is stop working after un checking it.

I don't know about socket id. Can you brief more in laymen term or send any link about that topic?

Which version of dashboard do you have - there were some fixes in this area a short while back.

Version 1.0.6.

sorry - no the version of the dashboard node... either logged in the console at start - or in palette manager menu option.

Version 2.17.0, I see the update option let me get back to you after updating

after updating still problem exist with unchecking

can you attach a debug node to the output of your function set to show complete message and show us what is going into the notification node ?


If i uncheck "Accept raw HTML/JavaScript input in msg.payload to format popup".
I will not getting any complete messages.

and If checked I get this and

also Notification

sorry - no I want the debug before the notification node to see what is going in in both cases.

I'm sorry i miss understood your question.
This is what i'm getting